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This course topic really did a great job on expanding on the roles we take on as appraisers. Especially valuable is the specification of how you can advocate for the policyholder (to a point) and that in some instances, you are compelled to do so. Its a slippery slope, so this type of information is priceless.

Keith Bynum

Insurance Appraiser, Roofer

Mr. Sieno aka Digitory has been a leading mind in appraisal before it became "fashionable". I have always been a fan of his educational posts and am glad that he decided to create this system. Honestly, he underpriced it, but I respect the fact that he seems not to be a greedy narcissist like many of the other course instructors. Definitely can't wait for his upcoming new courses!

Jameson Wasley

I have attended a few various appraisal seminars and have nothing but good things to say about them. I actually doubted the value of a remote "online" course system such as this, because I feel that the face to face is really required to learn. Then Covid happened. Then "zoom" life began.. And..remote business and as well as learning slowly became something, that if anything, was forced upon us. I was not happy. I had purchased the Law/Procedure of Insurance Appraisal (the book) a couple years back & never got into it much more than skimming thru it. Not an easy read... Then I had learned that this course was designed around the book, breaking down the subjects into various multimedia formats to simplify some of the legal jargon and illustrate the book into concepts that allows us laymans to really implement in our appraisals. Proof of purchase of the book was required, and the course was incredibly inexpensive, so I gave in and signed up.So..long story short, I'm not going to say this course was "fun", but honestly it did really help, (or at least forced) me to have to read thru the book and follow along with the videos & take the quizzes at the end of the chapters. I felt that this course was more of a guide on how to use the book in real world situations; quizzes were open book and got me used to using the search function on the PDF version of the book. Some chapters/modules were a bit too legal centric imo, but "appraisal" is an alternative to litigation, so a necessary evil.All in all, I recommend this course to anyone who already owns the "textbook" as it really adds value to that book. Admittedly, Google classroom is really annoying and I hope that eventually they update this course in some other system that is more user friendly but won't count that against the course itself, as I understand that was a reason it was so inexpensive. All in all, I was impressed, & it gave me something constructive to do during the lockdown period, so it was a win win.

Daniel Hodson

I have been extremely privileged to have been requested to Beta Test the New 2022 Appraisal Course 102 program last night. I finally had the opportunity to thoroughly go through this entire Course Module, which is Titled; "Valuation Methodologies in Insurance Appraisal"
I have Attached the Course Outline and went through each and every Primary Topic and each of those categories Sub-Topics.
I found the narrative style to be adequately paced without an overcompensating voiceover taking away from attention to details being discussed. This makes a perfect Drive Along Study Package for those that are Always On The Go.

At the same time though, if one would prefer to visually follow through with the content, they will find the written content to be equally demonstrative, and the visuals really help to stay focused on the learning materials.

I discovered an extremely thorough analysis of the Various Valuation Methods Utilized In Appraisals and Property Insurance Claims in general. Most quasi-students of Insurance Policies only have a very limited perspective of how things are Legally Determined To Be Valued, because they get used to the ones that they only are exposed to in their State's that they are deployed in. Yet, there is so much more to be unearthed when a diligent researcher scratches beneath the surface.

That's Precisely what this Appraisal Course 102 "Topic Matter Course" successfully has striven to achieve. In this particular instance, I personally feel that this Module would best be suited for anyone from the Beginner to Intermediate Property Insurance Claims Appraiser, while even veteran Appraisers will likey learn some interesting facts.

Considering this, it leaves No Doubt At All In My Mind, that the successive modules currently being assimilated shall dig deeper and more intimately than anyone can find in one all-encompassing resource, especially at individually minded cost investments taken into consideration for the affordability of devoted Students Of The Appraisal Craft to bite off the primary sections that they would deem to be their greatest current needs.

This program and methodology of instruction are so darned well thought out and presented, that I would consider it an extreme honor if I were able to be considered to contribute any materials at all, even in the most minute ways, because I would be exceptionally proud to be able to lay claim of having any personal involvement in the future progression of this extremely valuable resource and as always has been my style, to Pass It Along To Others.

This definitely has the makings of being a Masters Level Class and a valuable new resource to the industry.

Please See The Attached Screenshots Of This Valuation Methodologies in Appraisal Module to obtain your own Free Sneak Peek At What It's Comprised Of. I recommend anyone that is involved in the Insurance Appraisal ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolution Process to check this course out.

Edward Fako